Mission: “to facilitate the enjoyment of the cinema experience brought by all sort of films that inspire, enlighten, entertain and educate audiences of all ages and walks of life”.

Vision: “is to encourage entrepreneurship on the creative arts and to advocate for the development of a strong film industry in the Northern Region with Gulu as a cultural centre for visual arts and filmmaking to enhance cultural and economic growth”.

The proposed date for the first edition of the GIFF – Gulu International Film is on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July 2017 in Gulu.

The festival will include film screenings, open debate sessions, master classes, workshops and a mixture of presentations related to the Northern region and its different cultures such as traditional dances, music and foods.

NB: Dates and schedule of activities will be released prior to the event.


In a region with very distinct culture and tradition with over 20 years’ civil conflict background, the arts are sometimes overlooked when it comes to major funding but still generate a superb output in terms of cultural development and revenues.

  • It will help to give an opportunity for Gulu Filmmakers to showcase their work to local and international.
  • Enable Gulu film industry players to get opportunities to gain exposure by facilitating visits to other international festivals and scholarships to international and local short courses on film.
  • Restaurant and shop owners will generally extend their business hours to accommodate Film Festival goers located with the town area.
  • The presence of many festival goers will promote the cultures and traditions in the region.
  • Local communities, students and authorities will be invited to participate in GIFF by attending events and shows and by engaging in contact development and networking.