Background to the GIFF

In the history of filmmaking in Uganda, the Northern Region has normally received little attention with Kampala benefitting more. Production companies and filmmakers have also failed to consider the region as a suitable filming location despite the fact that is home to stunning landscapes and people.

Traditionally, the region has been a very active consumer of foreign media, mainly from the USA, Europe and Nigeria but very slow in making its own. Local creators have suffered a lack of funding from regional authorities and the absence of specific strategies aimed at the development of the film industry.

This has made it difficult for local creators to have any success at producing quality films as a result of financial difficulties and the lack of professional skills and equipment.

Despite these odds, an inspiring example of the potential of the Northern Region and its people has been the production of the film, “A Girl from Lamwo” the first major feature film to be produced in the region and obtained a superb regional success.